Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kicking it up a notch...

 PHEW! I hadn't realized that I didn't do an update all summer! WOW! Well... I must have been pretty busy (actually I KNOW I was) and it was absolutely fabulous too!

In June, we purchased a vintage camper that required an overhaul to get it up and ready for our many planned summer excursions so that took a little more time and effort than I suspected but the end result was definitely worth it! Here's a peek at some of what we did... 

Our Skipper trailer is an oldie (1972) so she was definitely dated and needed a major facelift. We still haven't done anything on the outside (that's a project for next year).

We started with the obvious and ripped out all cushions... the idea of sleeping on someone elses 40+ year old foam mattresses was obviously out of the question so I had to learn in a hurry how to sew. After watching a couple You Tube videos I thought I could tackle it. Well, I may have been just a wee bit ambitious but I gave it a good solid try! 

I even went so far as to sew my own piping.... yeah. That was actually the easy part! 

At the end of the day I didn't do too bad for my first go at sewing upholstery. I will admit though that I brought all the cushions in for me to give it another go over the winter months when I have nothing to do. I am a perfectionist and there are a few things that I can fix now that I have a better idea of what I am doing.

I also sewed all new curtains for our camper.  They were the easy part and truth be told... I actually did it the morning we were leaving on our first trip!!!! A couple could use a bit of tweaking but no one would notice if I didn't say something! When it was all put together it looked pretty cute!

Another cool feature which totally added some class to the trailer was my backsplash in the kitchen. They are actually peel and stick tile sheets and admittedly were a pain in the tush to get to stick and STAY (they kept falling off... perhaps I shoul have been more patient and let the fresh paint cure for more than a day or two). In the end though I got it to stick and I really hope no one ever wants to remove them as they are there to STAY! I have also since this pic was taken put on a chrome like trim around the counters.

Little details made our camper as cozy as could be... like simple little toss cushions. They drove hubby nuts but the bed sure looks a lot cuter!

Now the nest part hands down was the decorating for me. I LOOOOOOOVED finding coordinating bits and pieces to make our camper that much more fun. Everything was based off of the teach/turquoise colour scheme with a few black/white swirls to break things up.

In the end I am pretty sure that we succeeded in having one of the funkiest campsites at each location and took plain old fashioned camping up a notch!

Quite frankly, putting the initial effort into all of those special little details made our GLAMPING (aka camping) experiences so much more memorable. I cherish my early morning coffees when the world is quiet before anyone else woke... wouldn't you?

 The best part of the entire summer though? Spending so much time with my husband and two kids. They are 14&15 now and I know I have very few opportunities to have them all to myself anymore so I am squeezing in as much time as possible with them!

We also shared many of our trips with my best friend since big school and her family.... sure makes it even more fun when there are a bunch of other crazy folks to share in the fun, eh?

Anyways, life is back to normal. I am back in the studio creating away. Stay tuned for all the details of kits that are up for grabs! DOn't want to wait for the blog post? Be sure to check the Facebook page HERE for all the details!

 Happy Scrapping!

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