How do I register for a class?
Please contact the Host Store nearest you to register.

I am unable to attend but I am interested in purchasing a kit. Is this possible?
YES! Please contact the store nearest you offering the class you are interested in and register for the class. Be sure to confirm they are willing to ship the kit to you AFTER the class (most are). All kits will come compete with detailed instructions via email after class. There will be no fee reduction if you are not able to attend and shipping charges will be at your own expense.

I am a store owner in Australia or New Zealand and am interested in hosting classes as part of the Artsy Adventure Tour, is it too late to get on board?
There may be room to add one or two more Host Stores to the tour, depending on your location. Please email Trisha ASAP at trisha.lado@gmail.com to see if this is possible. A waiting list has also begun for future tours that are currently being planned. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list, please let Trisha know ASAP.

Are future tours being planned for elsewhere in the world?
YES! Details have not been released yet as different events are in the works for 2013. Currently, interested store owners are asked to email Trisha to have their name added to the appropriate list for their region and details pertaining to that particular tour in their part of the world will be sent accordingly.