Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Class Kit Club

As you all know I have had the privilege of teaching classes to ladies (and a few gentlemen) around the world and I often have requests for class kits to be shipped. Well, I am now going to offer MONTHLY classes in a Kit Club format. What does that mean? Well read on my friends! The details are laid out below! I hope you will join in on the fun as I have been working on this for the past while and am excited to share what I have in store for you all!

Beginning January 2013 I will be offering up a monthly class to all willing participants. Each month the projects will vary but will all be equally as spectacular! I plan on changing it up every month so there is something for every one. It may be layouts, home decor, mini albums tags and cards. Perhaps it might even be a combination of projects.

All kits will come with a powerpoint pdf loaded with photos and detailed instructions. I also plan on doing a Ustream show every month just so you can feel you are getting a bit of the "classroom" experience! This will allow me to walk you through any techniques that are better demonstrated rather than being in written form. I will also be showing the NEXT months project just to get you excited!

All kits will be shipped out the first week of the month and the Ustream show will be scheduled for the last week. This will allow for shipping times to most locations in North America. For my international students, do not fret! The Ustream will be recorded so that if you do not have your kit you will be able to come back and view the broadcast at your convenience!

If you are concerned about shipping rates, I have a couple solutions. First, you will be able to "hold" your kit and ship every two months. If I have the kits ready for shipping before the beginning of the month I can ship to you sooner! You can also pair up with a friend. Often the rate will not fluctuate too much if I add another kit. This way you can split the cost with a friend and then you likely have someone to work on your project with too! You will have the option between ground shipping (least expensive but lengthier delivery times) or expedited... it comes sooner but is more pricey. Shipping rates may differ depending on the size of the kit each month. This will be billed prior to the kit being sent.

The kits will be jam packed with products from a variety of manufacturers. They will have everything you need aside from what is considered to be a part of your tool kit. When the kit is revealed, the supply list will also be posted. Should you require anything "extra" (i.e. paints, inks, etc) I may have limited quantities of those items available as an add on if you cannot get them at your local store.

The classes will have a variety of techniques that you can use in many of your other paper crafting projects. I always strive to include something that make you go "WOW!" and push you to try something you may not have thought of trying previously. Even if the colour or theme isn't right up your alley you will learn something new every time so you can take those skills acquired and try them out again on something more suitable!

I hope this peaks your interest... stay tuned as the first project and pricing details will be revealed within the coming days in time to treat yourself for the holidays!