Friday, April 13, 2012

Some unfortunate news....

It is with great sadness that I must regretfully inform the ladies who have registered for my classes at the SCRAPPY KAPER locations in both Dallwalinu, WA and Cunderdin, WA that all scheduled classes have been cancelled. After numerous attempts to reach the owner and plenty of opportunities for commitments to be kept (none of which have), I have no other option.

It is my suggestion that you contact the store owner directly for your full refund for all class fees paid  immediately.

Please know that I am working diligently to secure another possible Host Store so that those affected by these cancellations will have other options as I would still LOVE to see you all! I promise you that if you are willing to make the drive in to come, you will be glad you did! I know many of yo have been looking forward to this event, as have I so know it was NOT an easy decision and it is even harder to type this post.

At the moment, Inspired Crafts in Perth may have limited spaces available for Thursday, May 17 but I know they are nearing capacity so I would not delay. Please contact them directly to register. They can be found at:

Inspired Crafts
2/19 Liege Street
Cannington, WA
Phone: 08 9458 8843

I am hoping to have details of the other possible venue finalized in the next day or two and if all goes well, I will announce those details within the next couple of days!

All other scheduled locations will remain as is so not everyone has to worry. I promise I will be there with bells on to have what I KNOW will be an amazing experience for us all!

Again, please accept my deepest apologies. Never in the 13 years that I have been teaching have I ever had to cancel an event like this. It is NOT how I do business. I am able to do what I do because of people like you. I am always appreciative of the students and store owners that give me the opportunity to share my passion with them. I truly wish it had not come to this and know that I did everything in my power to avoid it.

Should you have ANY questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at

Thank you and I will keep you posted!


aussiechick said...

Trisha so sorry this has happened I know how difficult this must have been for you. I know you will give 110% to try and get these girls a new venue. Come on WA stores it will be worth it. Trisha's classes are awesome.

slywalker (Lesley) said...

So sorry you've had to take this action but can understand why, congrats to you for working so hard to re-locate these classes, good luck with all that.

qaaf10 said...

It's sad that you are going to Cunderdin WA this time as I wanted to attend. I loved the last one that I did with you there. I hope to be able to get to Perth to attend.